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New Frontier Tax & Business Services 

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Owners, Pam and Robb Ferguson with Carrie Scoby

810 High Street, Ste. 3

Phone: 785-594-1204; Fax: 785-594-1293
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Pam and Robb amassed much business experience from the 30 years they spent operating a small retail business and realized they could be of service to others in small businesses and to those starting a new business by providing a tax and bookkeeping service.

Most business owners are people who have a product or service they believe in and love to provide, and this is their focus and where they spend their time and resources. However, in this business world, it is never as simple as that. There are many rules and regulations that apply to businesses that must also be addressed and can be overwhelming. Pam and Robb understand this. Through their tax and bookkeeping business, they have made it their goal to help other small businesses meet their record keeping, payroll, and tax needs without having to hire an army of paper pushers of their own. It is their goal to help your business take root and flourish.

Serious Service with a Smile

Robb is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and can represent clients in case of issues with the IRS. He is also a Notary Public. Pam and Carrie Scoby provide the bookkeeping, payroll, and monthly and quarterly filings.  The service is serious, but it is always provided with a smile and helpful advice.

New Frontier TBS offers

  • Tax Preparation
    • Individual
    • Estate Tax
    • Fiduciary
    • Business: Corporation, S Corp, Partnerships, LLC
    • Nonprofit
  • Tax Planning
  • Payroll
  • Entity Formation
  • Bookkeeping/Record Keeping
  • Social Media Content

These services are offered to all small businesses and persons. They have a diverse client base that includes food service, tourism, ag related, small retail, and service businesses. They also serve nonprofit clients and would like to expand in this area.


The New Frontier TBS team is here to help their clients succeed and grow, together we can make it work!